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The Dealer

Aaron Teng 

Always on the move to broker a win-win deal between all parties. Currently out of early retirement to pursue his passion in the web3 revolution. Before retirement, he had multiple exits in digital media, software, and have been active in the entrepreneurship community.

The Brain

Shu Yoong

The most rational team member in the squad with a huge talent in number crunching. Went into crypto full-time since 2020 and have never looked back. He has an impressive career in actuarial, finance, and worked for a renowned family office. 

The Architect

Ching Sue Hok

The quarterback of all things technology in the team. He’s the most experienced techie in the squad with skills in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and loves to get his hand dirty on new tech. He has built multiple popular mainstream products till date. 

The Coder

Jam Long

The whiz of writing web3 smart contracts so that he is able to build whatever he wants. Being proficient in web2 and web3, as well as UI/UX, he earned the label of a full-stack developer. He used to be in academia, lecturing in The One Academy. 

The Strategist

Edward Tay

Talk to him if you want to stay relevant in all things content and community. Always at the bleeding edge of technology, especially in the web3 space. Currently managing multiple international digital marketing accounts and has his own podcasting show. 

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